Pollyanna McIntosh

Pollyanna McIntosh

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Scottish-born actor, writer, and director Pollyanna McIntosh is best known for playing Jadis on the hit AMC show The Walking Dead.

As the ruthless leader of the junkyard dwelling group The Scavengers, Jadis confidently strolled into Rick Grimes’ life in Season 7 by capturing his community’s priest, pitting Rick in a gladiatorial fight against a weaponized walker and demanding “guns and jars” before agreeing to join his fight. Jadis’ loyalty twisted and turned through the seasons bringing about epic scenes such as Jadis capturing Rick shirtless and vulnerable in order to “sculpt” him; the grief-stricken but bloody end to her community-turned-walkers as she pulverized them in an industrial grinder and tying up Negan on a stretcher while she considered burning Lucille.  After changing her persona to Anne, she eventually joined Rick’s group, fell in love with that priest and saved Rick’s life as she escaped from it all in a helicopter carrying off the show’s hero.

Pollyanna is expected to appear in the highly anticipated The Walking Dead movies from Universal where the mystery of where her character took Rick will be revealed.

She currently appears as Clara in AMC’s Emmy nominated mystical comedy Lodge 49 alongside Paul Giamatti, Wyatt Russell and Sonya Cassidy and as The Woman in the recently released horror film Darlin’ which she also wrote and directed.

Pollyanna was first known in the genre world for playing the same vicious character in the multiple award-winning Sundance hit from Jack Ketchum and Lucky McKee, The Woman. Her fearless portrayal, free of all societal expectations brought her many Best Actress awards including Fangoria’s Chainsaw, Fright Meter, London’s FantasticFest and Toronto’s After Dark.

She went on to star in horrors such as Let Us Prey opposite Liam Cunningham, teaming up once again with Lucky McKee for perhaps her strangest role ever, the BAFTA-nominated Brit thriller Exam, Best Film at Dublin International Film Festival winner Love Eternal, UK horror hit The Blood Lands and the John Landis-directed Burke & Hare, always exhibiting a keen capacity with complex characters and never playing it safe.

Raised in Portugal, Colombia, and Scotland before moving to London then Los Angeles, Pollyanna’s acting career has been as diverse as her upbringing. As well as the darker fare she has appeared in the Sci-Fi film Native, has created many motion capture characters in gaming such as Shelob in the Lord of The Rings video game Middle Earth: Shadow of War, starred in American comedies such as Daniel Water’s Sex and Death 101Land of The Lost with Will Ferrell as well and the Irvine Welsh adapted James McAvoy starrer FILTH. After leading roles in BBC British comedies MI High and Bob Servant Independent as Brian Cox’s nemesis, she joined the all-star cast of Sundance TV’s Hap and Leonard as the mohawk sporting, ass-kicking psychopath Angel to great critical acclaim.

She will next be seen in Revenge Ride, produced by James Franco, as biker gang leader Trigga. As a writer/director she has an anthology feature coming out at Christmas called Deathcember and her comedy, Perfect, is currently in development.