11:30 PM  Room 2

A Conversation with Tony Todd

12:00 PM Room 1

30 Years of Bwah-Ha-Ha: Talking About Justice League International

In 1987, Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis, and Kevin Maguire revamped the Justice League with a new lineup and new tone. Join the creative team for a discussion about their acclaimed run and other projects. Moderated by Rob Smentek.

12:30 PM Room 2
Wrestling Panel -- pro wrestler TBA

1:00 PM  Room 1

Humor Comics

Kyle Baker, Shannon Wheeler, Craig Yoe, John Holmstrom, Bill Wray

1:30 PM   Room 2

Mike Grell

2 PM  Room 1

JUDGE DREDD: 40 Years of Dredd
Comic creators John Higgins, Ulises Farinas, and Erik Fretas dicu their take on the greatest judge of all.

2:30 PM   Room 2 

Bob McLeod, Jim Salicrup, Ann Nocenti, Bob Budianski, 

3:00 PM  Room 1
Ernie Hudson


3:30 PM   Room 2
Denny O'Neil

Moderated by Dan Greenfield.

4:00 PM   Room 1 
Garbage Pale Kids 

Artists James Warhola, Jeff Zapata, Joe Simko, and Mark Pingitore. A discussion on the history of the iconic Garbage Pail Kids

4:30 PM    Room 2

Indie comic creators on how they do what they do.
Dave Ryan, JB, Alex Simmons, Charles Forsman, Adam McGovern, Michele Fiffe, Amy Reeder.

5:00 Room1


11:30 AM

Lost In Space

Bill Mumy, Angela Carwright, Marta Kristen, and Mark Goddard in conversation about the legendary 60s hit TV show Lost In Space.

Moderated by Dan Greenfield.


11:30 PM Room 2

Spider-Man: Kraven's Last Hunt 30th Anniversary Spotlight
In 1987 Marvel creators took the flagship character in a new direction and created a classic. The Spider-Man crossover KRAVEN'S LAST HUNT was moody, dark, and dynamic--part of a wave of influential comics that challenged and changed how superhero tales get told. Join JM DeMatteis, Mike Zeck, Bob McLeod, and Jim Salicrup to talk about the story as well as the story-behind-the-story. Moderated by Brandon Montclare.

12:30 PM Room 2
Ren & Stimpy: A Conversation with Bob Camp and Bill Wray

1:00 PM  Room 1
Writing Comics
Ann Nocenti, David Walker, Bob Budianski, Brandon Montclare, 

1:30 PM  Room 2

Ken Bad and Allen Bellman's Golden Age of Comics

2:00 PM Room 1



2:30  Room 2

Marv Wolfman
Moderated by Dan Greenfield.

3:00 PM Room 1

3:30  Room 2
Kevin Altieri: Directing Batman The Animated Series

Moderated by Dan Greenfield.

4:00 PM 1

5:00 PM End of programming.  Room will be used for Cosplay contest from 5 pm to 6:30pm.