2017 Kids Programming


12PM – The Panel Party with Mark Mariano

You are cordially invited you to the Panel Party, where your imagination, storytelling ability, and art skills will be welcomed and celebrated. Simply put, we are going to have a blast making comics together! Warning: attending this party may result in you throwing your own Panel Party at home!

1PM – YOU Can Be A Puppeteer! With Bear in the Big Blue House’s Noel MacNeal

Want to try your “hand” at being a puppeteer? Professional puppeteer Noel MacNeal will conduct a “puppeteering workshop” for kids. Learn the “secrets” of lip-sync and manipulation used by the people behind the Muppets, and get to make a simple puppet, and manipulate professionally made puppets!

2PM – Digital Cartooning with Tim Fielder

For many comic creators, pencils and paper are the tools of the past. Writer and artist, Tim Fielder demonstrates how technology has advanced the process of making comics and cartoons.

3PM – Get in TOON! Basic Cartooning – With Michael Grassia

Learn from master cartoonist Michael Grassia, the basic cartooning skills needed to create your own characters and backgrounds with nothing more than some simple shapes and your imagination.

4PM – My Little Pony – Pinkie Pie’s DRAWING PARTY – With IDW “My Little Pony” artist Diana Leto

Pinkie Pie brings cheer and playfulness to brighten her friends’ days. She loves eating sweets and throwing parties for all her friends. She also enjoys helping people in need and she knows how to turn any frown upside down! A professional character artist and art director for over a decade, Diana Leto, will teach kids how to draw Pinkie Pie and their other favorite ponies.


12PM – Superhero University with Chris Mariano and Joe Endres


You won’t be able to fly and it won’t give you super powers, but you will learn all the ins and outs of superheroics from the industry’s top professors. PLUS you’ll have fun making your own cape and superhero mask! Come to this workshop as a kid, leave as a superhero!

1PM – Cartoon Beach Party! with Mike Lopez & Gary Eckerson

Do you love Scooby-Doo, Spongebob Squarepants or Mickey Mouse? Would you like to wow your friends by drawing these characters & more? Join the kooky creators of “Life’s A Beach”, Mike Lopez & Gary Eckerson, for this fun workshop where you will learn to draw your favorite cartoon characters, as well make-up your own. Participants will learn the tricks of the trade to create their own comic strips. Anything is possible in this fun workshop!

2PM – Sci-Tech Heroes with Alex Simmons

This amazing hands-on workshop demonstrates how to explore and create superheroes and villains using the boundless regions of science and the imaginative realm of comics. Kids will discuss the powers and abilities of popular comic book characters, and then create their own.

3PM – Imagination Aquarium with Jamar Nicholas

Ever find yourself stuck for cartoon ideas? Put on your wetsuit and dive into the IMAGINATION AQUARIUM, where cartoonist Jamar Nicholas will help you catch ideas in your net and create awesome cartoons!

4PM – Tim Fielder’s Pixel Portraits

Pixel Portraits: A Digital Storytelling Workshop by the creator of Matty’s Rocket, showcases his storyboarding process of panel to panel techniques for comics, animation and film.

Guest Artists:

  • Mark Mariano
  • Chris Mariano
  • Jamar Nicholas
  • Alex Simmons
  • Emilio Velez Jr.
  • Joe Endres
  • Tim Fielder
  • Mike Lopez & Gary Eckerson
  • Noel MacNeal
  • Michael Grassia
  • Ray Felix
  • Scott Alboum